The Ferrum Falcon family prides themselves in always striving for excellence. Our vision statement clearly states: through Ferrum to the future; therefore we strive to continuously grow and be ready for the 4th Industrial revolution. 

At Ferrum High School, a lot of effort from the staff and community, went into ensuring that the school was ready to resume in a ‘new way’, after the global COVID-19 pandemic temporarily caused schools to close. This meant that all safety protocols and a lot of planning had to be put in place. 


Social distancing markers were put into place for learners to observe, PPE equipment is being utilized and the school is being sanitized regularly. All learners report to the school gate, where their temperature is taken, they sanitise their hands, walk through a sanitizing-pad to clean the soles of shoes, use their own pen to sign in and complete a questionnaire. Learners observe social distancing in class, between class, as well as during their midday break, while wearing their mask at all times. 

For Ferrum High School learners, learning has not stopped during the closure of schools, as they were taught online by their teachers and data was provided to those who could not make use of the school’s wifi-hotspot. 

The school is very grateful to have opened again, and is looking forward to all of the learners returning to school. A lot of hard work and late hours have gone into keeping the boat afloat and we thank each staff member, learner, parent and members of the community for their efforts.  

We are positive that we will be able to still save the academic year for our learners.  Ferrum High School was one of very few schools who continued with distance learning throughout the lock down.  Our learners are not behind and we have started with revision of work done so that we are ready for our benchmark assessments. Learners are positive and only three learners with serious conditions remain at home and will continue with distance learning via Google classroom.  At Ferrum we pride ourselves in excellence!