Ferrum O/14 Dogtershokkie Amajuba Distrikspan/
U/14 Girls’ Hockey Amajuba District Team

The following girls were selected to be part of the under-14 Amajuba District Team:

Die volgende dogters is gekies vir die onder-14 Amajuba Distrikspan:

Esethu Shabalala
Alyssa Barrabel
Amahle Masuku
Weanke Pretorius
Marlene Combrink
Andiswa Mduli
Katelyn Knox
Isla Fourie
Mieke Kotze (non-travel reserve)
Megan Odendaal (non-travel reserve)

Baie geluk aan al die dogters en afrigters. Julle maak Ferrum baie trots!

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